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Welcome to the Garran Primary School Home Extended Learning Portal

Jenny Priest - Principal

It is parents, families and carers who have the most influence on their children. When families are actively involved in their children’s education, children usually enjoy school and achieve better results. The Garran Primary Home Extended Learning Portal provides information for families and carers to engage children in learning that supports their engagement at school and their acquisition of the Australian Curriculum. The Australian Curriculum sets the goal for what all students should learn as they progress through their school life – wherever they live in Australia and whichever school they attend. 
At Garran Primary School the entire school community contributes in laying the foundation for every child to be happy, self-confident and inquisitive learners.  This strong partnership between families and teachers is reflected in the excellent student academic outcomes and the happy and vibrant school culture. This website is another resource for families to support children in continuing their educational journey outside of the classroom.

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